“The Trees”, a 90-minute concept record will be releasing Fall 2022, with a blue ray movie supported by a ground breaking live show

striving to reach sold out stadium’s worldwide!

5 years ago Rick Plester began a writing project with a goal of rivaling the greatest records of all time. Several months later, Rick invited legendary drummer Alvin Taylor to listen to some of the new songs form the project. His response and excitement encouraged Rick to invite Alvin into the project.              

     See More about Alvin here!


The amazing Alvin Taylor is an American drummer, producer, and musical director, who is known worldwide for his work with Elton John, Eric Burdon, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Billy Preston, Bob Welch,  and Sly and the Family Stone, among others!  To date, Alvin has appeared on 78 Gold,  48 Platinum and 18 Diamond Records!

“Wow. Really nice Rick. Although it's really not about competition, we just want to express our God given creativity and talent, we can compete with the best.

This is all as good as anything that Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Allan Parsons Project, Judas Priest, ACDC, Rush, The Who, Paul McCartney, Durand Durand, Cheap Trick has done, just to mention a few.

Not that anything you're doing sounds like any of the aforementioned groups.

You have your own unique original style. The point that I'm making is that this is on the same level. The engineering is brilliantly done. I am so proud of you.

I'm so excited. I hear it and I feel it”.  Alvin Taylor.