Legendary Drummer, Musical Director, Producer

Alvin has been a lover of drums since the age of five, and his professional career began at the age of fourteen, when he was discovered by, and toured with Little Richard. His most amazing experience came when he was invited to London by George Harrison (of the Beatles) to both live in his castle and to record the “33 1/3” album … and that album went platinum. Further evidence of Alvin’s unique talent is his on-going list of credits and tours with other legendary artists such as: Elton John, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Bob Welch, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Gil Scott Heron, Diana Ross, Barry White, Sly Stone, Leo Sayer, Bill Withers, Andre’ Crouch, Ronnie Woods, who is the guitarist with the Rolling Stones, and so many others.

While working with Little Richard, Alvin played on the hit album “King of Rock & Roll.” He was then asked to join a band called PG&E (Pacific, Gas & Electric) with lead singer Charlie Allen and guitarist Steve Beckmeier. They went on to record a hit song called “Are You Ready” and also did a remake of the hit song“Stagger-Lee.”

Billy Preston, also known as, the 5th Beatle and a Beatles’ favorite, was initially responsible for Alvin’s introduction to studio dates. Alvin went on to tour and record with Billy Preston on many occasions. He also recorded “I’m Just a Sucker For Your Love” with Tina Marie and Rick James. Shortly after that, Alvin’s demand as a studio musician by the best producers in the music industry such as Robert Margouleff, Richard Perry, George Martin, the legendary Motown producer Frank Wilson and Norman Whitfield was relentless, and his calendar was never short of dates. He was a constant guest on hit musical television shows such as the Midnight Special, In Concert, Solid Gold, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, The Real Don Steele and Soul Train.

Alvin was then asked by Jerry Goldstein to play with the famous and long- standing group War. Goldstein produced, managed, and owned the group as well as the record label Avenue Records. Alvin turned down the offer, however, he then joined the Eric Burdon band. They recorded the albums, “Sun Secrets,” “Stop,” and a double album conceived for a movie sound track titled “Mirage.” He also did a world tour with the Eric Burdon Band.

While Alvin was touring with Eric Burdon, an A&R man from Capitol Records named John Carter, one of Alvin’s biggest fans, signed Bob Welch, the original guitarist with Fleetwood Mac, to a long-term contract with Capitol Records. He then asked Alvin to put a band together for Welch’s album project. After Alvin listened to Welch’s demos, he asked Carter, “Who are the musicians playing on the demo?” – Carter’s response was “That is all Bob Welch, playing the bass, the keyboards and guitars.” Alvin then informed Carter that he had found a band that could do the recording for Bob Welch’s solo album called “French Kiss.” That band consisted of Alvin Taylor and Bob Welch, featuring the hit single “Ebony Eyes,” and the album went gold and then platinum.

This was the first tangible proof that Alvin has incredible musical direction and production skills in addition to his dynamic drumming talent. Today, he is still an active and passionate drummer, as well as a music director and producer. He continues to do miscellaneous dates and tours with various artists. He is currently working in pre-production as a musical director for a major television show. His life has been so enriched by his musical craft and astounding career as a successful artist, that he is now in the process of writing a book about his life story. He is always seeking to create and develop new artists, and he has a never-ending artistic mind and enduring love for music.